What I read


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I have had one or two people ask about sending me things. Please understand – I have a HUGE TBR. I have enough books to last me several years. I will be amazingly picky about actually reading to review anything. I don’t finish what I don’t like. Unless of course, you have the latest YA big deal you want to send me in physical form. I’ll get on it. Yes, I am a whore for the big publishing companies. I read those books anyway. I also tell the truth when I review a book, so man up before you contact me, guys. Hit me up on Twitter if you want me to take a look at something. @Bettiekins

What I read:

Yes, I read YA and adult.

Bae: (Before All Others) Gothic Romance. Especially in a historical setting. It’s ok if it’s paranormal or not. I love it when there is a house as a character, or set in an old house. Ghosts, ghouls, or just dark family secrets. I’m okay with all of it.

2nd Fave: Regency era romance – comedy of manners rather than the bodice-ripper variety. I love Janeite fiction (Jane Austen retellings, re-imaginings, continuations, etc).

Category the third: Fantasy. I wish there was BAE2…. before all others the second. I love magic. Urban, paranormal, epic, steampunk, historical – especially historical. I love anything set in England, the Victorian or Regency era. Basically, if there’s a corset or a carriage, I’m about it.

D. Apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic. Zombies, plagues, questionable religious happenings foretold by American zealots that some people think is in the bible but it’s not, or really bad decisions made by shady political groups, I’ll read any of it.

The rest: I tend to be more into speculative fiction than any other kind – peppered with the occasional memoir (usually authors) and true crime. I read dystopian, sci fi, classics, horror, and the literary novels that everyone thinks you should read. I’m not so much into thrillers or contemporary mysteries, unless there is a fantastical element… or they are gripping the nation and drubbing up a frenzy that draws me into the whirlpool of hype and buzz like Gone Girl. Yes, I read it and loved it, and will never read it again, as it was the most anxiety inducing novel I have ever read. I can’t even watch the movie, and I love that douchebag, Ben Affleck.


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