100 Days of Productivity – Take 2


So. I tried 100 days of productivity. Didn’t go so well.

I did do a lot of writing and editing – hell, I finished a novel I’ve been working on for more than 4 years. But I didn’t work every day. And then after I finished the novel, I couldn’t figure which book to work on (I have like 4 novels that need editing – possibly 6, but I don’t know if 2 of them are what you would call sell-able.) And then a read-a-thon  came up… and so I petered out at about day 68. I counted, and I only “worked” 45 of those days. And some of those days were spent taking notes or writing blog posts or just … writing garbage. Just writing garbage is ok, but I want to work on my BOOKS.

So we’re trying 100 days of productivity, take 2. I’m supposed to start on Tuesday the 21st – yesterday when this post goes up. (I wanted to put up my DiverseAThon post on that day.) At this point, it’s Monday. I still don’t know what book to work on. I am feeling the itch to write something new for NaNoWriMo, which is dangerous. Dangerous when I have so many books to edit.

Needing to edit:

3 finished novels in the gothic vampire universe

1 inter-dimensional multi world superhero novel in super rough shape (a sci fi fantasy mash up)

1 western fantasy romance

1 magical folk urban fantasy novel

Things I would like to write:

Psychopomp urban fantasy novel

Far future alternate history fae based urban fantasy/high fantasy mix

Post apocalyptic literary novel that to be honest, has no plot and I’m not a good enough writer to pull off

I don’t know where to go right now, and I may flail around between several projects the first few days. I may not be sure where to start, but I’ve written up my pages to keep track of the days, like I did last time. It’ll take me through the end of the year. Not sure how Thanksgiving and Christmas will go.

I’ve also started reading the Raven Cycle, so look forward to those reviews. I’m very excited.

**ok, edit on Tuesday – I did start off the 100 days by editing two chapters of one of the gothic vampire books.


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