Review: Passion by Lauren Kate


3 out of 5 Pelting Stars

This is the 3rd book in the Fallen series

Sigh. This was on its way to a 3.5 but again… it just didn’t find its feet. I’ve been less than blown away by this series. It’s just good enough not to stop but not great enough to rave about.

The premise is that Luce, a mortal, and Daniel, an angel are cursed to find and love each other across the millenia, but as soon as they either kiss, or touch, or something happens, who knows why, Luce dies. The kiss, the touch, the something, is one of the problems I have. This world has the most tremulous set of rules. I can’t figure out how anything really works. There are these things called Announcers. They started out as terrifying shadows that scared Luce into mental hospitals in the first book…. then became messengers… then time travel devices, depending on what the plot seemed to need. In the last book, overwhelmed by what was going on, overwhelmed by the war going on between the angels and demons, something else that I really don’t understand, Luce ran away into an announcer, pelting through time and her past. Announcers are intuition based, and we are told they are windows into places and events in our lives.

So how were people able to follow her? I get the angels being able to go after her, but how are Shelby and Miles, her school friends (though they are Nephilim – or children of angels) following her when they hardly know how to use the announcers? Every announcer they summon should be passages into their OWN lives – let alone that two people are using them. I don’t get it.

There is also the matter of the curse. We’re at the third book and still don’t fully understand the curse. Hell, we don’t even know what Luce is after in her wild trip through the announcers, and time. She seems obsessed with finding different iterations of herself and …. what? I don’t get it. At different times, she wants to find out if Daniel’s love is real or just some weird tick or habit. Then she wants to find the answer to the curse. Then she wants to know WHY she keeps dying. At times, there is all kindsa kissin’…. and she doesn’t die. ???? Like I said above, all of a sudden they flip the script and say that sometimes they CAN kiss. But sometimes they can’t even touch. How the hell does she know what is going to kill her? It’s not explained. Whatever. Basically, the whole story is Luce pelting from time to time and place to place and seeing her dramatic life with Daniel and her inevitable death. It also irritated me that Daniel was racing after her because he seemed to think she was going to screw things up, and of course, being the one with the penis, he needed to be there to look after her.

One thing added to the story that felt off kilter was Bill. He’s a little gargoyle that Luce meets inside an announcer and reminds me of a Disney character. Isn’t there a gargoyle in The Hunchback? I don’t remember. But he’s comic relief all of a sudden in a story that has had very little comic relief and he feels out of place. I did like him, but same thing. He doesn’t really tell her much. If he’s a guide, shouldn’t he tell her a little more about her situation? And how does he know?

That feels like a lot of complaining… but it is entertaining. She doesn’t stay in one place too long but each scene is interesting and well characterized and she did learn things in each place she visits. I get really irritated with stories that are just a bunch of rambling action that doesn’t go anywhere – but this didn’t have an aimless feel to it.

I want to know what is going on. Is there a loophole? Is there a way to end this curse? Why does she die? What is she trying to learn? It  better be good. Ahhhh….so frustrating. I am going on to the next one – it’s taking forever for me to get through this because I’m reading it at work during my lunch hour and sometimes I am seduced by Youtube videos, depending on when I have data. And they are fast reads, actually. It’s just a matter of being driven to read them.


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