Typing Fin… and Celebratory Bookhaul


Hello everyone. I haven’t been keeping you up to date on my 100 Days of Productivity. I haven’t been perfect… I’ve been maybe going at 50% capacity – only writing half the days of the week. Not where I want to be, but better than I’ve been. And writing is now a constant in my life, whether I do it or not.

But there has been a development! I have finished my gothic romance novel! I am so excited. It’s taken so many years. I just kept abandoning it, and I had this block that if I didn’t finish this thing then I couldn’t go on to another one. Not that I should. I have 7 other novels to edit. To be honest, most of them aren’t worth editing, but there are two past beta stage (meaning I gave it to people I trust to read and give me feedback) but I have yet to actually do the final edits and get it out to look for a home. I have a terror of rejection and failure. It’s not that I don’t edit them – I do, but they never feel like they’re done. Which is why I’m in the situation I am in.

But, hey, it’s done! And I cried. I cried so much. I’m not really an angsty writer, but I put all the angst in the last chapter, where it belongs. And then I read a lot. And then I woke up in the middle of the night on Friday from a really bad nightmare (the kind where I think someone is in the apartment and I can’t move, not exactly a sleep paralysis moment, as I was fully awake, I was just too scared to actually move and put on the light!) So when I finally got the balls to face the monster that I knew wasn’t there, I read, in bed, for about 3 hours, and did lots more crying. I felt the migraine coming on with the dawn… it laid me low for many hours. It felt like my whole head was about to cave in, so I spent most of Saturday in the dark. 😦 I still have a bit of “headache hangover” now but at least I don’t feel like my head is made of plaster.

I also got a box of books yesterday – I can’t remember what it was… a 15% off sale from Book Outlet? I dunno – but look at them gorgeous things! I think this was less than $20.00. Go me! I LOVED the Lunar Chronicles, so of course I’m so glad to get the novella collection, Stars Above. I wish there was more artwork inside – there are a lot of black pages that are missed opportunities. Against a Brightening Sky by Jamie Moyer is the third book in her historical paranormal series, Delia Martin. I have yet to read them, but I got them all from Book Outlet. They have gorgeous covers, and I’m going to try and read them in October. I need the month to be 60 days long so I can get to everything I’m putting on that TBR. And Riders from Veronica Rossi was only $2.99 hardback! I don’t think it’s done as well as they were hoping it would. I’m interested, though. It’s really different from her other series, according to the blurb, and I respect that. I didn’t have a physical copy of Peter Pan, and these Chalkboard classics are QUALITY! It was only $3.99.

That’s the danger of BookOutlet. You think you HAVE to get the books, because they are so darn cheap! It’s a blessing and a curse.

I’m still trying to get through Clockwork Princess. It’s destroying me. I love it so much, but the tears. The tears.

Happy Reading!



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