Blogaversary! & Update!


It’s 11:32 PM and I figure if I’m fast, I can get this up on what is still technically a Friday. This is the 1 year anniversary of this lil blog. 🙂 I started it because my older one had been silent for so long and I was kinda disgusted with the Blogger format. Sadly, this little blog has no readers. No readers at all. This was probably a mistake. I hate to say this, but this site has very little community feel to it, at least for me. I hope if I keep plugging and linking on my twitter (follow me on Twitter, I’m @Bettiekins) someone will eventually read this.

I hope.

I haven’t made mention of my 100 days of Productivity. I certainly haven’t been 100 percent but I haven’t given up. I am getting really close to being done with my gothic novel, which I’m so proud of, and I seem to have busted through my reading slump. Whooot! So I’m plugging along. I’m also making use of my planner and being accountable to myself. I’ve even ordered a planner for work, which I will use in a very different way, but I realize I need even more organization in my life.

I have a three day weekend and I wanna get a lot of writing done. I’m at the blood and guts part, which is my favorite part, so there shouldn’t be anything holding me back. Then I can figure out which book I’m going to start editing first….


Take care, everyone.


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