Review: Torment by Lauren Kate


3 out of 5 Tortured stars

This is book 2 of the Fallen series

I was reading this at work, and it took me months. This was kinda more of the same from the first book. Tortured angsty instalove that’s not really believable. It’s one of those loves where they are all about the stars in their eyes with no real connection or meat. You know, like, common interests. Daniel is a cursed angel, and despite this being the second book, not really sure why. We are told it’s because he loved Luce, a mortal with a stupid name. (Lucinda is a nice name. Why the hell is her name like Lucifer? Why? That’s so stupid. Unless she ends up ACTUALLY BEING LUCIFER! That would fuckin’ be cool.) They are doomed to love again and again, but as soon as they find each other and fall in love, Luce is doomed to die. Except for this time. This time, all bets are off.

Ok. So there is some kind of truce going on between the angels and the demons. The demons are just fallen angels who are on Satan’s side. There is no explanation of what the difference is, what their goals are – nothing. And when angels fight, they are so powerful and evenly matched their battles come to nothing. So why are they fighting? Don’t know. There is something about Luce that is incredibly special, but we don’t know what it is. There is also something that hangs in the balance that has to do with Luce and Daniel… but we don’t know what it is. There is something about telling this to Luce that would destroy her, possibly killing her, as it has killed her in the past. There are other factions that are after Luce and want to kill her. Again, don’t know why. For that reason, Daniel and Cam, on opposite sides of the angel problem, band together and call this 18 day truce. During this time they will work together to keep Luce safe and destroy her enemies. But did they really expect this to be solved in 18 days? It’s not clear.

So Luce needs to be safe. We leave the gloomy, atmospheric Sword & Cross school for delinquents and they take her to Shoreline – a glitzy highbrow school in California with lots of gorgeous Nephilim – or kids with angel blood who all have different angelic abilities. This introduces us to a whole new crew of people. The first one we meet is Luce’s new room mate, Shelby. I appreciated her – at first she was totally unlikable. I liked that the author could make a character that was so unfriendly and unwelcoming that totally grows on you. She resents Luce butting into her room. She resents that everyone knows who Luce is. Then there is Miles, a very sweet guy who ends up testing Luce’s loyalty to Daniel. There is a pair of friends whose name I can’t remember – but they are sort of the gateway girls to this new school. They are outgoing and bubbly and a total 360 from the tortured souls that we met at Sword and Cross. Everyone knows all the dreamy stories about Luce and Daniel (which Luce doesn’t know) and they buzz around her like bees.

In this school, she will finally learn the history of the Nephilim, and the announcers – the shadows that have been torturing Luce her whole life. She’s been told they are messengers, but they’re also portals to different times and places and show a window into a person’s past, or past lives in Luce’s case. Luce and her new friends start messing around with them to try and find answers about what has gone on between herself and Daniel. I didn’t quite understand them and thought a lot of it was too convenient. It’s not just a snapshot of a past event, it’s also a traveling device. ??? Whu? It’s also kind of a being. I don’t know.

I sound a little harsh, and maybe I am. The book is entertaining enough. It’s cheesey and the saving grace might be that Daniel and Luce are separated for most of it, so the cheese is served in bearable chunks. I don’t know how that will pan out for the rest of the series. I am interested – I do want to see what happens. So I’m going on to the next one.

I seem to have conquered my reading slump, so hopefully this next installment won’t take 2 months. I am reading this at work during my lunch hour, so I wont’ read it as fast as I would if it was at home.


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