Review: City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare


3.5 out of 5 Falling Stars

This is the fourth book in The Mortal Instruments series – so beware spoilers of previous books.

Don’t let the 3.5 make you think I didn’t like this. There is a lot of great character stuff and relationship stuff in this installment but not as much plot. There is a lot of setup for the next book. But in terms of plot, it’s not as strong as the other books. It’s a weird thing, because Valentine and Jonathan/Sebastian, the major baddie of the previous series are dead. Now Shadowhunters are being found dead… but no one seems to really be too torn up about it. No one even knows who they are. They try to make it like it’s a big deal between the Downworlders, but they don’t give AF. It’s Shadowhunter business. It’s just something going on in the background.

Of greater important to us is what is going on in the shipyard. The OTP’s. First, we have tension in Clary and Jace’s world. Everything should be all hunky dory and our main couple of interest should be all cuddles and kisses. Jace is even helping train Clary to be a Shadowhunter. However, Jace is plagued with strange dreams. In them, he does terrible things and he questions his very nature. Clary doesn’t understand why he’s distant, and of course he can’t explain it. So we get lots of angst.

Then there is Simon. His story expanded last book, and continues in this one. He’s one of my favorite character. But he’s having trouble with being a sexy vampire. I shouldn’t kid… the vampire part is a problem. His mother is weirded out by him. Something in her mama zone is telling her that her son isn’t the boy she raised. He can’t eat food, and he needs blood, so dinnertime isn’t exactly easy for him. As for the sexy part, he has two girls on the line. He doesn’t know how this happened, and so far he’s managed to keep them apart but… but he doesn’t for long. He still has the Mark of Cain- which is supposed to make him a wanderer, friendless and homeless. And this happens. He’s  doesn’t want to be a vampire, he doesn’t fully belong with his human, Shadowhunter friends. There are also external forces after him – someone is trying to snatch him off the street and not doing a very good job. Well, thanks to the Mark, God rebounds harm seven times against anyone who raises their hand to him, so you can’t exactly blame them. But who is sending these people after him?

Things heat up when a baby is abandoned at a hospital. It appears normal to those that don’t have the Shadowhunter sight, but mighty scaly to those who do. It looks like someone is trying to recreate Valentine’s icky baby experiments. In the end, this leads us to our new baddy.

Cassandra Clare is the Queen of endings. There seems to be this impossible situation our pals get themselves into, but the ending is unforeseen, and totally perfect. The last quarter of the book is a rollicking tightly plotted story that we’ve come to expect. I just get a little frustrated with the angst – but, you know what, I am far less irritated with Jace and Clary this time around. I mean I really hated them both last time. Clary is still doing impulsive, stupid things. There is still a lot of storming off, but I’m still really enjoying this re-read and looking forward to the next.



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