Oops, Week 2 Wrapup, Late


So this week, not only am I doing the 100 days of productivity but Camp NaNoWriMo began. This is the 2nd week of the 100 days challenge. (And the above is my weekly planner before the week was filled in.) There is also a readathon going on – which I am kindof doing, but not officially. I’m just trying to read a whole lot more every day, really pushing myself to crack open those books and get ’em done.

I did pretty well. There was only 1 day I didn’t do a great job of coming home and working on the book – and even then, I did write 2500 fun words that day – but it wasn’t words on the novel. Oh well. I’m still counting it, because it was writing. I got 4788 words on the novel, and 7288 words total written this week. I also spent 2 hours editing the novel. This may sound weird – it’s because I’m trying to finish a novel that has been lingering for years. It needs a lot of work.

I feel good about where I’m at, productivity wise, for the first time in a really long time. And thank God for #NaNoWordSprints on Twitter. That’s pretty much what has kept me going. I was really lingering the first week, and wasn’t getting any forward momentum. This week, I wanted to write at least 3000 words on the novel, and I went beyond that.

I’ve also discovered that BYU is uploading Brandon Sanderson’s lectures that he taught last year on Youtube! There have been 2 uploaded so far, and I have 4 pages of notes! I’m loving it so far. He’s really giving you tools to use. Then I discovered that there are already some uploaded on the BYUEnglish channel. from 2014. But I’m gonna wait for the newer ones.

I’m also hella pissed because I updated my phone and now I can’t seem to upload photos from my phone to my Mac via usb, which has pissed me off exponentially. Fuck you, Android. Now I have to use my dwindling data to upload photos. I need that to watch Youtube videos, Android!

So, how was your week? How did you do productive wise?


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