June Haul and July TBR


Wow, I feel like a Booktuber. 🙂 This pile is the last of my Book Outlet giftcard and maybe… a little more. But I got all this for about $40 off Book Outlet. It’s always great to complete some series, or get more books in a series (Ignite Me, The Bitter Kingdom, Empire of Night and Vision in Silver.) And who doesn’t love John Scalzi? Church of Marvels was described as being Night Circus-esque, which is always a good description for a book – and the cover is amazing. I’m excited for Wastelands 2. It’s a compilation of apocalyptic or post-apoc stories. The first one is one of my favorite short story compilations, in one of my favorite genres, with a plethora of amazing authors.


As for my July TBR – I don’t always do these, but as this is the Year of the Series, and I just started The Mortal Instruments re-read, it is obvious that the next few books I read will be in that series. This is a very modest TBR for me. I usually read from 10-20 books a month, but since February, I’ve been in a horrible slump. My goal is just to read 4 books in July – that is 1 book per week. I hope to be finished reading the first one, City of Bones and be able to review that by Friday. So if you are wondering about this series, I will be reviewing each book as I read it.

If anyone is wondering about the quality of the new paperback editions of these books – I am more than halfway through and I’m so impressed at how it is performing. The gold foil on the type is not coming off the cover or spine. I did stretch the spine before beginning, as always, and though this is a 485 page story with more than 500 total pages in the book, the spine is still gorgeous without a sign of a crease!

I’m still continuing my 100 Days of Productivity, but I’m having a terrible time sleeping. That is one of the obstacles I’m not conquering. This will probably be the only thing I do in my attempt to be productive. It’s 11:44 pm this very minute. I don’t see myself writing 1000 words today. I did have a magical moment this morning on the way to work tho: I came up with a tagline for a book I want to write. I never do that. I can’t write queries, let alone taglines.

**edit – like I said, I’m not sleeping, and didn’t even finish this blog post. I put it up only to go to link it to my tumblr…. and realized I left off the last word. TAGLINES. gah.


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