100 Days / 1st week & Goals for Next

actual screen shot

It’s the first week of the 100 Day of Productivity challenge, and I can’t say this week has been amazing. For instance, it’s 11:07 on Sunday night, and I have yet to actually do much that could be called Productive. I also did nothing Thursday and Friday – I was most distressed about the Brexit. Most distressed. I am not British, I just wish I was, and seeing fat old white men dancing and claiming victory in the name of bigotry while their economy crashes and burns and the futures of their children are compromised is rather sickening.

But enough of that.

I took a picture of my screen to head this post … an actual screen shot! If you are able to read it, please don’t judge. This is still in draft form…. nowhere near edited for public consumption. Hopefully, it’s artsy enough (blurry) that you can’t.

So I did a lot of writing down chapter notes on one book. I edited a bunch of chapters yesterday. Today I’ve puttered a bit, figuring out the plot points that will go down for the rest of this other story that I haven’t managed to finish in forever. I think, as the night winds down, I have to count that as my productivity, sadly. I will, however, set some goals for next week.

They are going to be modest:
I want to write 1000 words at least 3 three times next week.
I want to do three blog posts.
I want to journal every day.
I also want to read at least 5 days next week. And at lunchtime at work.

I will let you know how it goes. How was your productivity this week?


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