100 Days of Productivity: Obstacles

100 days planner

Monday I posted about how I’m attempting… no, how I am GOING TO DO the 100 Days of Productivity Challenge . (There is no try, right? In the words of Yoda, do, or do not.) The plan is to regain the habit of writing every day. I foresee some problems. I shall list potential obstacles below, and how I HOPE to slay them or at least be prepared to tackle them.

My sleep schedule, which is shit: I stay up WAAAAAY too late! Then I come home drained and exhausted. I gotta stop the cycle of staying up impossibly late, crawling through my day like a zombie, coming home and sleeping for 2 hours, then staying up impossibly late again. Sadly, it’s a cycle I’ve been in for so long, I don’t know how I’m going to kick it.

Mondays are shit: Even when my I’ve gotten a decent amount of sleep, even when I’m writing well, Mondays are still shit. I intended to start this last week, but ran face first into Monday and was done before I began. So I need a plan for Mondays. I need a simple job to do that day that will forward my plan, keep my 100 days going, that is achievable. If I were to fail on a Monday, I’d do what I always do when I disappoint myself: I’d quit. Maybe it should be blogging. Maybe it should be reading over manuscripts. Maybe I need to pick a new task for each Monday depending on what obstacle I’ve met during the week. But I gotta plan for Mondays.

My cooking is shit: Ya gotta eat, right? I mean that’s a given. And if I have to cook and then clean up when I come home tired and cranky, it doesn’t leave me wanting to write. So I’m going to be ordering some simple food that isn’t too horrible for me or too expensive. I’m thinking soups…maybe frozen chicken and a huge spinach box. Cook a little chicken, throw it in a bowl with the spinach, top with some dressing, badaboom badabing, that’s dinner.

My planning is shit: I can’t keep anything straight. I’m always running around like a chicken with its head cut off, unable to remember tasks I need to accomplish, or wondering if I’ve forgotten something I was supposed to do, or to pay. This kind of thing gets in the way of my serenity, which then interrupts my ability to actually commit to sitting down and writing. So I need to get back to my planning. I need to keep my planner updated and use it to keep track to what I’m doing/what progress I’m making/have a plan for Monday and how I’m going to get through it… I think that will keep me focused on my 100 days of productivity.

My forementioned Serenity…. You guessed it. Shit. I have got to de-stress. I think the planning, the sleeping better, the writing will help. It’s just so hard to write when I’m wound up like a clock. When I’m full of stress, all I want is to watch Youtube. Then I feel like a piece of shit for not doing anything with myself. And they cycle of stress and doing nothing continues.

My Desk… also shit: I almost forgot this one! Last night, as I was up waaaay too late doing a Tumblr post about this very subject, I took a look at the filth I was sitting in and heaved me a weary sigh. My desk is too full of stuff. So I stayed up even later clearing it off. Yes, a lot of it is on the couch now, but at least when I get home, I can’t use a dirty desk as an excuse. And yes, I will clean off the couch.

How’sa’bout you? What obstacles get in the way of your productivity? And how do you conquer them?


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