100 Days of Productivity


It’s been forever since you’ve seen a writing update, because I haven’t been writing, or journaling, and now I’m barely reading. Basically, things really suck. I’m enjoying DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – don’t get me wrong, but I’m also not sleeping. My finances are SHIT. And my anxiety levels, usually thrumming along at Defcon 4 have been at level 2 for about a month.

I’d really like to write.

But what project do I work on? What pile of steaming shit do I try and sort out first? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know where to begin. I have this really wonderful book that has a really horrible error in it that needs to be fixed. I tried to…and ended up ripping a bigger hole in it.

So here’s what I’ve decided. I don’t know where I saw it, who was doing it, whether it was Twitter or Tumblr or Youtube (the only places I go anymore…. Don’t tell me they aren’t real) but I saw a thing called “100 Days of Productivity”. I don’t know what this is – but it was something about committing 100 days to do something every day towards a goal… if I got the gist of it right. Yeah, I’mma go do a little research, but that phrase has been with me for a couple weeks… and I wanna try it: to commit to 100 days of doing SOMETHING EVERY DAY to reach my goal of being a writer. Because for the last 100 days, I ain’t done shit.

My problem is that I’m so regimented about what I’m doing – I don’t like to hop, skip or jump. I don’t even write out of order. It’s like when you’re trying to be too perfect, so you don’t do anything. And that’s where I’m at. So I’m going to take the next 100 days and do whatever I want…. As long as I am either writing, editing, outlining, or reading over manuscripts. And part of that will be blogging it – because that is something else that’s fallen off the radar.

My hope is this will get me back in the rhythm and habit of writing/working every day. My main concern… how am I going to set myself up for success? I foresee obstacles. I shall list them, and how I hope to overcome them in Wednesday’s blog post.


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