Goals for 2016


Sometimes, I forget I run a blog, too. I see all the other Booktubers and Book Bloggers (with capital letters) and I see their top 10 books of 2015 and New Years Reading Goals (again with the capital letters) and suddenly realized… maybe I need to do that, too.

I don’t think I’m going to pick 10 fave books. I read about 143 books this year. At least according to my list of books I keep in my journal. Goodreads says 150-something. But I think that included DNF before I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE A DNF SHELF THAT DIDN’T COUNT! (You can make it an exclusive shelf, and then it doesn’t count as read.) But that’s too many. My goal was 100 and I kil’t it… but I have too many favorites. I hate picking favorites. And I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff I hate to do.

Well, that’s not really it.. .I don’t hate doing the stuff I did this year, but I let things get in the way of what I wanted to do. October, for instance. I love Halloween, and I wanted to read scary books all month. But then I had library books come available and I read those, which got in the way. And I try to join in too many read-alongs. These often come along right in the middle of a marathon of a series. And read-alongs often have weird challenges, and if you want to marathon a series…. the challenges don’t fit the series. And I can’t seem to do the read-along without doing the challenges. So I’m not going to do that this year.

I also was doing the Popsugar 50 book challenge. I tried to pick books that had been on my tbr for a long time, or books I’d been putting off. I’m glad I did it – I got through 39 of those books. That’s 39 books off my tbr that I already owned. Many were old or free or classic ebooks. But there are 11 books that I didn’t finish. And those 11 books are like a chain around my neck. A heavy chain of failure. I hate that.

So this year, I’m gonna be chill. If I do read-alongs, I won’t be doing the challenges. I saw the Popsugar thing going around this year, but I’m resisting. I’m just going to read. And I’m gonna read what I wanna read. I’m going to focus on series. I’m not saying I will only read series – but I have so many. I love fantasy and sci fi, and those are often in series form. (People think this is a YA thing. It’s not. Trilogies and multi-book arcs have been a thing since forever in fantasy and sci fi.) Not only am I into current ongoing series with new books coming out in 2016 that I absolutely WILL be purchasing, but I have a ton of old ones just waiting to be read. I have 7 Dune books I haven’t read. SEVEN. And series that I’ve read the first two books but not the last two. Etcetera.

So, look forward to lots of reviews of series. As you probably already noticed, I did review each of the books in Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radch series. And it was freaking amazing. So I hope there will be more of those instances.

Have you made any goals for 2016?


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