Review: Cress Bk 3 of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

4.5 out of 5 Dazzling Stars!

This review will contain spoilers on the previous books in the Lunar Chronicles.

I swear each book in this series just gets better. This series follows Cinder, the cyborg Lunar princess who is trying to stop Queen Levana from taking over the Earth, and marrying her potential love interest. Levana has an unfair advantage. Circling the earth in a prison/satellite is Cress, a pop-culture obsessed (probably internet addicted) teen with super hacker abilities. She’s what the Lunars call a shell –  a Lunar who has no powers. Lunars hate shells – they’re a reminder of their own humanity. She cannot be brainwashed, or brainwash others. Most shells are killed… but Cress was raised with a whole bunch of other shells… so that’s interesting.  She’s the one who programmed the chip that was put into the tutor droid Nainsi that was supposed to spy on Prince Kai. The chip wasn’t compatible and made Nainsi malfunction.

Cress discovered all this in the first book and used the chip to contact Cress. Luckily for Earth, Cress hates the Queen and her Thaumaturge Sybil, who has been in charge of her entrapment. Cress wants to help Earth and save Kai, and tells Cinder what the Queen has planned. Now Cinder and Thorne are fugitives. On the run with Wolf and Scarlet, they hope to free Cress and make use of her super hacker abilities.

Things do not go to plan.

Our girl squad is splintered into thirds. We’ve got Cinder trying to avoid capture and find Dr. Erland. Thorne and Cress are stranded on the satellite. Scarlet is not in this much which I understand, but it’s a shame, as I really loved her in the last book. I don’t want to spoil her side of the story, but it shows us another part of Marissa Meyer’s cool world.

Cress herself was an amazing addition. I loved that she was innocent and sheltered, yet smart. She’s following Cinder and her friends adventures via the net, and is supposed to be trying to find them for Levana. During her research, she develops a huge crush on Thorne. She loves net dramas and has an active imagination. Basically, Cress is a fangirl. I thought that was a wonderful quality and fresh idea, as Cinder and Scarlet, not to mention so many other YA leads, are badass and snarky.

Then we’ve got Prince Kai trying to deal with Levana and her bullshit. Bowing under pressure of war, Kai agrees to marry her. The Kai parts drag, to be honest. And it just frustrates me that Levana is so hungry for the crown. As I said in my last review, why doesn’t she just come down with her wolf soldiers and bust ass? Why the song and dance? In the meantime, Kai is trying to find the missing Lunar Princess…and Cinder. Because he is thick and still doesn’t know they are the same person. I love you Kai, but seriously. Put two and two together, already.

I’m so excited to be through the 3 books I’ve already read. I’m going to read them in published order and read Fairest next, which I haven’t read and then Winter! So excited.




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