I say NANO! You say WRIMO!

So. The time has come. NaNoWriMo Time, baby. That time when all across the world, thousands of crazy dreamers commit themselves and their sanity to their novels. If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, you must be new! Here, take your Sherlock blanket, your Coffee Makes Muggles into Wizards mug full of coffee and let me tell you a thing. Sure as Han shot first, I’m going to be doing National Novel Writing Month again.

30 days, 50k….or thereabouts. I’m actually bein’ a rebel, see. I’m trying…again, 2nd year in a row to finish this goddamned novel. I know, I know, I know, it’s traditionally a time for new fiction. You’re supposed to start fresh, but I gotta quit writing novels and either a.) never editing them or b.) abandoning them. See, the novels not the problem. It’s not them. It’s me….and I MEAN THAT! 

I am just so lazy. I can’t commit. I can’t stay focused. I used to focus. I need to find that within myself again. So I’m publically going to flail away here and on Twitter, trying to remain focused, and accountable. I’m really gonna try Twitter sprints, because those actually helped me in the short period of time when I was productive in Camp NaNo (which is like a tiny little division of NaNo during any month that isn’t November). 

In other news, Book Lovers, I have a book haul for you soon, as there was a lovely Book Outlet deal where you could get a 15% off coupon and I got the coupon and I bought the books and used the coupon. So. There’s that.



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