Review: Octopussy and the Living Daylights by Ian Fleming

3 out of 5 unshaken stars

Sadly, not a super fan of this one. This in no way reflects on Tom Hiddleston’s audiobook performing abilities. And yeah, that’s why I got it. But I also grew up on Bond and had never read one of the books. I may try another – as these were short stories published after Fleming’s death. Mayb he never wanted them printed to begin with. Let’s just say, Tom didn’t have much to work with.

Octopussy is the first one….and talk about taking liberties with a title. The movie is a freaking mess/mishmash of this story and The Property of a Lady with a conglomeration of fake Faberge, femme fatales and nuclear war. The story is a real let down if you expect Octopussy to be a hot blonde Swedish girl. Because it’s about a fat man with a heart condition, some gold, a poisonous fish and an actual octopus. Basically, a man stole some gold in WWII after killing a man. That man was like a father to Bond. Big mistake. Because James Bond made a point of finding the man who did it…. But Bond isn’t even hardly in the damn story…. and it’s so boring.

The Property of a Lady – about a possible KGB agent in the MI6 getting paid. And Bond isn’t going to let it happen. It doesn’t happen after very little work on Bond’s side. It’s pretty anticlimactic. Nothing happens.

The Living Daylights – Now this one had a story and lots of characterization, tension, emotion, a real story. That is based on how women can’t do their jobs in the face of adversity. It’s bullshit at the end, basically. More disappointing than the boring ones where nothing happens. This one had possibility but then nothing happens and it’s based on some misogynist bullshit.

If you enjoyed Tom Hiddleston’s dulcet tones, get the audiobook. But don’t start here if you want to experience a Bond nove.


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