I may have seen a spoiler

Fear not – I shall not reveal it!

There is a new danger in being a book worm. Way back when I was a kid and young adult, I didn’t know anyone who read what I read. I haven’t had any really close friends since I was a kid, so running across someone dropping plot points of what I was reading was very rare. But now, with the online social medias, ever click of the mouse or press on the scroll button is a potential landmine.

I am not even one of those who worries all that much about spoilers. When I was younger and reading a book where things got too intense, I would flip to the last page to see if things went ok. I stopped doing that in my 20’s…. the last time I couldn’t handle a novel and went seeking out a summation, it was when I was reading Tess of the D’urbervilles. I couldn’t take the horror of what the main character was going through. I had to find out if this got better. It didn’t, and I decided not to finish the book.

I am in the midst of re-reading a 14 book series, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I have read books 1-13 twice. I own book 14 but haven’t read the series since that book came out, and it’s been a couple years. I knew I had to re-read in order for book 14 make sense, so I have begun to go through it again, listening on audiobook – God bless Audible! Well, scrolling through the Tumblr the other day I read a line that may have told me a character’s fate. I want to believe it’s possible that it didn’t happen. I might be misinterpreting it.

What is killing me is I don’t know if I should just bite the bullet and go all the way. The internet, the beast that gave me the wound in the first place could just rip it all open… there is a whole wiki about this series. I could go and read what happened to her. But do I want to? I am only 2 books away. Sigh. Only two books away and I will know her fate….I gotta hold on and be strong….

How do you handle spoilers?


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