TBR Takedown Read-A-Thon

In case you don’t know, the TBR Takedown Read-a-Thon has begun. It’s another weeklong Read-a-Thon created by “leaninglights” (Shannon) on Youtube. And if you aren’t watching her, I don’t know why you aren’t. You should.

Lots of reading. Just what I need when trying to write a novel, right?! No, but seriously. I have this terrible thing where I stop reading when I start writing. I don’t like that. I really think reading helps you “stay in the zone” when it comes to that inner voice that you need for writing. Which by the way – the last three days have been pretty good. I’ve stuck to the 2 hour a day thing, aided by listening to my ambient soundscapes (which I wrote a post about in the blog post with the delightful title of “well last week sucked”) I will also link the Youtube video down below.

But on to the Read-a-Thon. My TBR here is really ambitious, because I was already reading Shirley by Charlotte Bronte when it began. I thought I’d be done but I didn’t read hardly at all Monday-Thursday. I got a huge amount done yesterday, though. I hope I finish it today. I’m really enjoying it.

So here are the books I am going to try and read and the “challenge” they are meeting:

Where Silence Gathers** – Kelsey Sutton (Read a sequel)

Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh (Out of my comfort zone)

Made for You by Melissa Marr (Most recently bought)

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan (Read the first in a series)

The Kingmakers by Clay and Susan Griffith (On shelf over a year)

So I need to get back to work… I mean, I need to read. 🙂 If I finish Shirley, there will be a review put up.

Happy Reading, everyone! And here is the video on Shannon’s channel.

** I originally listed and took a photo of Some Quiet Place, book 1 of the series… but I mean to list and photograph Where Silence Gathers! My bad!


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