Couple of Good Days at Camp NaNoWriMo

This is how I feel right now. I’ve had two successful actual writing sessions, where I’m adding scenes to my novel. It’s been ages since I’ve actually written anything new. I’ve just been editing, like forever…. It’s slow going and feels painful but hopeful. It’s not all bad, in other words.

Anyone who reads this…. if anyone reads this… would note that there haven’t been any reviews this week, and only one post before today. Well, I’ve been a little slumpy. I didn’t crack out of the gates as well as I would have like after not even working on the novel last week, but I’ve gotten started. Being of sizable girth, physics assures me that a body in motion stays in motion… and I have an idea where I’m going with these scenes, so hopefully I will get there.

Sadly, I haven’t even been reading, and this is the first day of the TBR (To Be Read) Takedown readathon. I have my little TBR pile ready to go, and that will be tomorrow’s post. I still want to post three times this week, even if they are back to back! I am in the middle of a book already, Shirley, and will finish it before I start on the specific TBR I had for this.

So how is your reading and writing week going?


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