Well, Last Week Sucked

Above is my messy and disgusting desk. Shot sometimes last week. This is the desk of the disorganized and unproductive writer.

Last week I did not edit a word. I hardly even read. I fell behind in my Tumblr book photo challenge. I did nothing but pay to print the damn manuscript out, eat pasta and watch YouTube.

Nothing for it but to recommit. It’s gonna be a hot, new week. And I already started off bad, what with being unable to sleep last night. I do NOT do well in the heat. I’m a marshmallow. I go all soft and unformed. And Mondays are hard, man. I usually come home sapped of energy and want a nap rather than to sit at my desk. But I do have a couple things in mind to help me keep motivated.

First: I’ve found some amazing noise buzz for my background. I usually listen to classical music in the background but I found this ambient sound generator. Now I’m not capable of making this kinda stuff, I was linked directly to the Ravenclaw common room. I nearly wet myself I was so freaking excited. It’s got the sound of the fire, pages turning, bird song, wind, a magical choir and the general sound called “pub noise”. But then, I also came across the sounds of Rivendell. RIVENDELL! This sent me on a search for other ambient noise. I haven’t used the Rivendell one, yet. But I also found a Youtube channel with similar sounds, and another one… with 24 hours of the gentle hum of the Starship Enterprise. Good ol’ NCC-1701-D. I can use that when I write sci fi!

Second: My planner. (Above is not this week’s plan, just a sample) It’s a cobbled together, handmade affair, with stickers from Etsy. I’ve written in “writing” on each day of the week, and some sharp words to myself about making this week better than last. I have my “goals” along one side, and wrote in my writing goals. Last week, every day that I looked at my planner and didn’t write, I felt bad. It feels like a waste, because the whole point of the planner is to detail what I’ve done, writing, reading, blogging and research wise.

Third: Ideally, I’d say I went to bed early and got a good night’s sleep, but that went in the shitter thanks to the heat.

Fourth:  I’m gonna stop and get dinner on the way home.

Fourth point five: I’m going to take a large portion of pain killer to get rid of this fucking headache.

Fifth: I’m not even gonna finish dinner. I’m going to start right in on working the second I get home. I’m not even writing tonight – I’m just deciding what changes to make in the manuscript. I can take bites and write notes.

Sixth: I’m going to be accountable to myself. … and here I am, being accountable, finishing this blog post AFTER I did what I had planned – went through and figured out where I’m going to put what. tomorrow, I begin the real work of actually writing the scenes I planned today! And I did eat while I worked. I did listen to my Rivendell ambient noise. I got rid of my headache. And tonight I really plan to get to bed early so that tomorrow will be easier.

I gotta continue setting myself up for success. How about you? How do you keep yourself motivated, or keep yourself relatively marshmallow shaped in the heat??


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