The Cramathon!

You may have noticed a lot of reviews on the blog over the weekend. That is because I was taking part of a readathon called the Cramathon. It was a readathon that originated last year in December to help people behind on their yearly Goodreads get closer to it if they were behind. The idea was to take all the shortest books on your TBR shelf and read them. She decided to do another one from Friday 7/10 to Monday 7/13.

And what is a readathon, you ask? Well. It’s very complicated. You have to read a lot.

Ok it’s not complicated at at all, you just read a lot. However, there were some challenges.

Read a children’s book (done)
Read a hardback (done)
Read 5 books over the readathon (done)
Read a book of verse (kinda sorta maybe done?)
Read a graphic novel (conscientious decliner)

Well, I have no books of verse and I don’t do graphic novels (I have an issue with reading them and looking at the pictures and it causes stress which I know is ridiculous.) I began with The Fault in Our Stars, which I actually started on Thursday (that was on my ereader, which is in that cool blue swirly old book lookin’ thing). So sue me. I cheated. But I have a job, so Monday and Friday I lose about 10 hours to earning a wage. Then I read two children’s books – Coraline (a re-read), and The Wind in the Willows. Both were hardback so I guess I doubled up there. Then I read Some Quiet Place, which I loved. The final was Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’ve seen the play, seen the movie, read many quotes from the play, but never read the whole thing. I don’t know, now that I’ve read it, I sorta think it should count as a book of verse!

I’m especially proud of this because I also was working on editing my book during this time. So I did NaNo and read a lot. I didn’t let the San Diego Comic Con business (where Richard Armitage AND Tom Hiddleston were holding cour3t – I mean, I deserve a freaking cake for that.) I got a lot done. And I wrote all these reviews. And blog posts.

I know it’s over, and all, but here is the video that was about the Cramathon, in case I didn’t explain it well enough or you just want to check out Whitney of Whitty Novels because she has the awesome.

Happy reading, everyone


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