How Camp NaNoWriMo has been treating me

cricket 5 16 15 bookshelf

Well, I haven’t been thrown in the lake in my nightgown yet! In case you are new, it’s Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I’ve been trying hard to edit every day. Only made it 3 days last week. This week, I’ve edited 3 out of 4 days. Not perfect, but i’ll take it.

I’m working on a gothic romance with vampires. 🙂 What’s not to love, right?. I’m getting through about three chapters a day but I’m going to have to start writing some chapters and making some changes suggested by betas. I know I need to flesh out my world a little better. I’m nervous about how that will go, to be honest. I have yet to have a that disciplined, consistent schedule that I want to get back to. I try and come home from work and get to it. Sometimes,  it is still a struggle to do that. Some nights I come home, I’m so tired (like Tuesday) I come home and crash and then I’m writing very late. On the weekends, I got up one day and wrote right away, but then on Sunday I dragged my feet and watched Youtube and didn’t get around to it till late again. Then today I came home, I was freaking STARVING and had nothing ready to eat. I had to defrost chicken and cook some chicken and rice, and I swear, I got more writing done while defrosting and stewing and making rice. It’s weird.

The good thing is that we’ve had some relief from the damned heat. I do not do well with heat. We actually had RAIN today. I live in Northern California. We have two season. Warm and dry or wet and cold. Now is not the wet and cold season. But I’ll take it. It’s about 10:40 pm right now, I just stuck my head out and it is so nice and fresh outside.

I’ve still been reading a lot. I have posted the first two Hannibal Lecter book reviews on the site. I have finished the other two – if you would like to see them, here are the links on Goodreads.

Review of Hannibal

Review of Hannibal Rising

AND HOLY CRAP-A-MOLIE GUESS WHAT I JUST FOUND! Oh my God. I struggle finding stuff to listen to while writing….and thanks to the Word Nerds, who are doing videos on the NaNoWriMo channel I FOUND THE RAVENCLAW COMMON ROOM AMBIENT NOISE GENERATOR!  Ok, you can find all kids of ambient noise on this but RAVENCLAW COMMON ROOM GUYS!!

Happy writing and reading, guys


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